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Empowered by highly skilled engineers, architects, designers and skilled site staff, the team at Pinnacle Interiors LLC is dedicated to developing close-knit relations with its clients by listening and understanding their needs and vision. We are one of the most trusted interior design and fit out companies in Dubai and have closely worked with both the government and corporate office. We take pride in possessing expertise in classic and modern design standards and most importantly in depth understanding of both our local and international clients allowing us to deliver our world-class service across the within the UAE region.

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As a leading interior design consultant in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Pinnacle Interiors LLC is a service-oriented company specializing in comprehensive architectural space planning, interior designing and build in UAE. Our work is founded on the philosophy that good interior is both functional and aesthetic, and that it fosters our clients’ overall business growth. We utilize a wide range of personalized professional services in pursuing this vision and are building ourselves up to be recognized as a top interior design company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and across the UAE.


Our team is comprised of highly qualified and creative multinational professionals in the industry across various disciplines to accommodate and nurture our client relationships and enable productive collaboration and high-quality project delivery. With a diverse and talented team of Designers and Project Managers we have developed a reputation for intelligent design solutions which are constructed to the highest client expectations.

We have a high rate of repeat business and have been working with some clients since we started operations in the Middle East over a decade ago.
We provide innovative design and furniture solutions to elevate workplace strategy and support business culture. Our team are experienced to analyze, evaluate and optimize the efficiency and use of your space, be it commercial offices, healthcare, residential, hospitality or F & B. Your staff are your assets and are literally the life source of the company we carefully design spaces to accommodate human behaviour and unique organizational functions to streamline internal functions in line with business objectives.


Although we come from diverse professional disciplines, we share a passion for interior designing and want to engage in this city’s ongoing endeavor to be a leader in smart architectural space planning.


We create value by translating your office interior design and decor ideas into high-functioning and visually-appealing work spaces.


As a premium design and fit out in Dubai, we consider each project’s bigger picture. This aspect of our services is in line with the words of the famous Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen, who said, “Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context.”


We provide comprehensive commercial fit out services in the UAE. We are flexible and innovative. Whether you are looking for a complete new interior and fit out for your commercial or residential property or only in need of a renovation, Pinnacle Interiors is the right team for you.

Design Management

Our all-inclusive approach begins by understanding what your organization and your staff need from their work environment

Project Management

Our full bodied approach leaves nothing to chance in bringing project to fruition


Mechanical, electrical and plumbing fit outs all from the trusted hands of our employees

Workspace Furniture

The furniture and products that make up the physical elements of your workplace are of critical important to its success – and our team will help you select the most ergonomic, functional workspace solutions to suit your individual requirements.


Client Testimonials

The complete process of creating the Occhio Store by Goettling was superbly smooth with Pinnacle. The best attribute of Team Pinnacle, which was perfectly in sync with our work values,

Oliver Goettling - Owner
Occhio Store d3 by Goettling

We’ve worked with Pinnacle since day 1 and have completed multiple successful projects together. The Pinnacle team’s passion for construction excellence and their proactive spirit certify them to be the

Dominic Wanders
Eng. Architect

It’s been always an amazing pleasure; we are friends and not only business partners. I really really enjoy having you and I am very lucky knowing you. Cheers!! Again, to

Pascal Baumgartner
Ramos Baumgartner FZ-LLC

I can say the day when the inception happened the first project was Givaudan, they have done a fantastic job for us.

Ritesh Daga
Givaudan Gulf Trading LLC Regional Controller and Pricing - SAMEA

The attention to detail, due diligence with they do and an extreme focus on customer is what taken them all 10 years. In fact, our association is much longer than

Dr. Jamil Ahmed
Managing Director, PRIME Healthcare Group

DDY was very happy to work with Pinnacle. It is an achievement they did on the ground floor of Dubai Health care City and the next clinic we will make

Dr. Ben Hadj H.
Chief Executive Officer | The Doris Duan-Young Autism Center

We have been looking for two years for a built-in partner for very innovative solution that we design and developed called flip bench.

Richard Wilson
Founder | Creative Director

I would like to congratulate Pinnacle for the 10th anniversary. It is such a pleasure and honour to work with the team. It was a great awesome experience.

Philia Ng
OK City Neon INDO

I have a very good, great experience with Pinnacle. I met them like one year ago. We started a project and it was really a successful project.

Salvatore Campanaro

Working with the team from Pinnacle Interiors was a great experience. The entire team was supportive, professional, and understood our requirements and captured them in detail. All aspects of the


Pinnacle Interiors has a team filled with reliable professionals. They always deliver projects with a smile and we would definitely recommend them to other companies.


The unique thing about working with Pinnacle Interiors would be their speed, accuracy and courtesy. The interface between customer and contractor is extremely pleasant and efficient, operatives certainly appear to


On behalf of Dubai Healthcare City Authority, I would like to extend my utmost and sincere appreciation to you and your team who have contributed tremendously to the success of


We value the fact that Pinnacle and its employees focus on our needs as a client and listen. This is in addition to the fact that we are happy with


“On behalf of Global Hotel Alliance, we would like to thank Pinnacle Interiors all for the excellent job they have done on the design and refurbishment of our Dubai office.

Global Hotel Alliance (GHA)
Marketing & Event Excutive

We at Montdor ME FZ LLC had the absolutely pleasure of working alongside team at Pinnacle. Our company originated in Denmark and focuses a great deal on design, so having

Kelly Young
Managing Direct., MENA

On behalf of MAY interiors, I would like to extend our appreciation for the amazing work done by Pinnacle interiors team on MARMAR HALIM showroom in D3. The professionalism that

Marmar Halim
May Interiors.

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