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  • February 29, 2024

How to choose the best interior design consultant in Dubai?

How to choose the best interior design consultant in Dubai?

BY . /     Tuesday, 20 December 2022   /     PUBLISHED IN BLOG

Appealing interiors can add significant value to any space including residences, and commercial establishments such as offices, restaurants malls. There are several interior design consultants in UAE that offer top-class architectural design consultancy services.


But how can you choose the best interior design consultancy firm? A design firm that doesn’t have the necessary experience and skills can obviously spoil the interior and waste your money. Not all firms that call themselves as the best architectural design consultants are genuinely good. 

Multiple factors need to be considered before finalizing the best design consultancy company. Experience and skills, as well as credibility of the design agency are key factors as are your budget range, scale and complexity of the design project, and timeframe. You need to assess all these elements before awarding the contract to any architecture consultancy firm. If you’ve identified a competent interior designer, you’ve done half the work. 


A wide range of interior design companies ranging from small agencies to large firms that undertake turnkey interior design projects operate in the UAE market. It is always good to go for interior companies that provide end to end solutions, as they take care of the full spectrum of interior designing including theme/concept, design, fit out and more. With such firms, there is no need to worry about the logistics and installation of furniture and accessories. As for commercial interior design projects, choose agencies that have a full grasp of the requirements of, and latest trends in, the relevant industry segment.


The selection criteria can be filtered down to seven. It’s advised to shortlist a minimum of three reliable design companies to begin with, and then choose the best in the final phase.


How good is the agency’s portfolio?


Go for an interior design company that has a strong portfolio of interior design works that are similar to your project. Past works can give you and idea about the company’s capabilities.


Take feedback and reviews seriously


It is always wise to seek the opinion of people who have taken the services of the interior design company you want to work with. Listen to them in person, or go through reviews and comments on the company’s social media accounts. Good comments means you can go ahead.


Do they get your point?


It’s important that the interior design consultant understands your brief clearly and is confident of doing it in the best possible fashion. If they seem to be “lost” and have nothing creative to add to or enhance your ideas, it’s better to look for some other agency.


What all they offer?


Does the interior design company in Dubai offer all the services related to interior designing? Or they just specialize in one or two areas and you are required to look for other consultants to fill in? Remember, a one-stop-shop is always better as it ensures better project control, quality and faster turnaround. Such agencies make interior designing a hassle-free experience for you.


Is there any Value Addition?


Is it that the design company strictly does the work assigned to it? Or is it willing to add amazing value to the designing project with its expertise and experience? Is the agency passionate about the work and is it showing complete involvement? If yes, you have identified the best interior consultant.


Project management skills


Every interior design work is an independent project that needs to be managed in a professional manner—to finish it on time and to save costs.


Does your interior design consultant have a professional project management team? This is especially important for commercial projects, but applies to residential small-scale projects as well. A project manager or supervisor is helpful, as you need to contact him/her only during the work phase. Also, he/she will be the sole entity who is answerable to you.


You can get regular and reliable updates on the progress of the project, and you get to know any issues or roadblocks. A smart project management approach ensures timely delivery.


Every interior design work is an independent project that needs to be managed in a professional manner—to finish it on time and to save costs.


Pinnacle Interiors: the best interior design agency in Dubai


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With our decades of experience and high-end expertise in diverse interior design services in the UAE, we are well positioned to offer the best interior design solutions that are customized to the specific requirements of clients.


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