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  • April 24, 2024

How to set the right mood through lighting

How to set the right mood through lighting

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Mood lighting is a technique for creating a certain atmosphere within a space using light, shadow, and color. The right interior lighting design sets the right mood, it can make all the difference to a room. It accentuates areas and adds character, creating a warm atmosphere for a cozy day at home or an enlivening one for the office. As experts in Interior Lighting Design in the UAE, we at Pinnacle Interiors have put together our top tips on how to best set the mood through lighting. As Interior Design service providers, we use lighting as a form of art, playing with shadows and colors to elevate every setting.


Various psychological studies have proved that interior lighting impacts over psyche. The subtle yet powerful emotional effects of lighting, which have a significant impact on every minute of our life, are carefully considered by us at Pinnacle Interiors. We are dedicated to creating spaces that can positively impact workplace productivity, retail customer experience and personal wellness.


The first thing to consider is the types of lights and their impact, whether it is corporate or home interior designing.

  • Ambient lighting
    This is the general lighting needed for visibility in any space. Ambient light should be bright enough for you to comfortably achieve functionality in the room.
    Examples of ambient light sources include chandeliers, flush or semi-flush mounted ceiling lights, and recessed lights in the ceiling.
  • Task lighting
    This is a direct source of light that supports visibility for better performance. Examples of task lighting include desk lighting or lights above the sink.

  •  Accent lighting
    Accent lighting is used to draw attention to details or a feature. Accent lighting includes, but is not limited to, wall-wash lighting to highlight a feature wall, concentrate lighting on a picture, and built-in cabinet lighting. It is also used as an element of focus in minimalistic spaces, our favorite approach while designing.


Our designers evaluate your needs and craft the perfect interior lighting solution to set the mood. Once we choose the ambient lighting, we start adding layers of light according to the functionality and mood we are required to achieve.


Creating Ambience

Now that you know what, let’s move on to how. First, consider your space and the right atmosphere you are looking to create. Is your current lighting satisfying this requirement? What are areas for function and what are areas for aesthetics? Each space answers these questions differently and therefore requires different solutions.

Office and corporate space interior design:
The lighting inside an office should encourage productivity and focus. Both artificial and natural lighting have a physiological and psychological impact on productivity. Private offices, reception areas, meeting rooms, and recreational halls should all be planned differently, based on functionality.


Residential and home interior designing:
Your living room should accentuate the warmth and comfort of your home. Therefore, it is key to choose colors and lights that complement each other. You can also enhance trinkets and interior décor in the space using spotlights or floor lamps. In the bedroom, a lower warm, white light creates peace and comfort. Kitchen lighting in the UAE mainly features task lights that illuminate elevated surfaces.


Natural light

Natural light is the key to better health, improved mood, and brighter spaces. Many studies have shown the positive effects on people exposed to natural lights in office spaces, compelling us to add this to our list.

As interior lighting service providers in UAE, we offer solutions in places where natural light is in deficit. From man-made illuminations that mimic natural light as closely as possible to ensuring our designs embrace the light from the sun, we aim for bright smiles in every space.


Transforming spaces with Light

Now that you know the importance of lighting, the types, and the uses, allow us at Pinnacle Interiors to transform your spaces and bring your vision to life.

We transform houses to homes and offices to powerhouses of productivity through lighting, colors, and comfort. Trust us to create your reality. Trust the leading commercial interior designing service providers in the UAE.



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