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  • April 24, 2024

Maximizing Customer Comfort and Experience: Interior Design Tips for Beauty Salons

Maximizing Customer Comfort and Experience: Interior Design Tips for Beauty Salons

BY . /     Saturday, 17 February 2024   /     PUBLISHED IN BLOG

Whether you are opening a brand new beauty salon or are looking for a revamp, take it from us at Pinnacle Interiors, one of the top beauty salon interior designers in the UAE, there’s a lot to consider! Luckily for you, we’ve laid it out in the simplest way possible.

We’ve shared some great starting points to help cater your intended audience type, but first, take a minute to visualize what the design does for your business. The importance of interior design for beauty salons justifies the time, energy and money spent on conceptualizing it and bringing it to life. You can see visible and substantial results – attracting new customers by standing out from competitors, retaining existing customers by creating memorable experiences and encouraging longer stays & increased spending by creating a calming, desirable environment.


Make a statement with color

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. The color in your space holds a lot of power – it sets the mood, it makes a statement, it compels behavior, it directs attention, it tells a story! Therefore, choosing the right colors can really bring about that welcoming and relaxing environment you want your customers to feel. We at Pinnacle Interiors specialize in providing the best color schemes for beauty salon interiors in the UAE and we’ll allow you to be a fly on our well-colored walls. Here are a few key considerations we’d keep in mind to enhance your customers’ overall experience:

Soft and Soothing Colors: Soft colors like pastels, beige, and pale shades of pink, blue, and green are ideal for creating a relaxing and calming ambiance. These colors can help to reduce stress and anxiety, which is especially important in a beauty salon where customers come to relax and pamper themselves.

Bold Accents: Adding bold accents of color can add depth and interest to the space. For example, adding bright shades of pink, blue, or purple to a white or neutral color scheme can create a visually appealing and modern look.

Neutral Colors: Neutral colors like white, gray, and beige can create a clean, sophisticated, and timeless look. These colors can also help to highlight other design elements in the space, such as artwork or furniture.

Avoid Overwhelming Colors: Avoid using too many bright or bold colors in a small space, as this can make the space feel overwhelming and crowded. It’s best to stick to a few key colors and use them strategically throughout the space.

Consider the Branding: When selecting colors, it’s important to consider the branding and overall aesthetic of your business. If your salon specializes in natural and organic products, you may want to incorporate earthy tones like greens and browns. If it focuses on high-end luxury services, consider using metallic accents or jewel tones like gold, silver, or deep red.


Create an inviting waiting area           

The waiting area design is extremely crucial to the influence on business. It is where new customers will make their first impression, and where people decide to patiently wait to be serviced on a busy day.


A welcoming reception desk: Make sure your reception desk is well-lit and organized. You can also add some personal touches, such as a welcome sign or a vase of fresh flowers, to make your reception area feel warm and inviting. At Pinnacle Interiors, we carefully cater to your needs as bespoke furniture designers to craft the perfect solution you seek.

Seating: Make sure you’ve got plenty of seating options in the waiting area. You want your customers to feel relaxed while they wait for their appointment, so try mixing it up and add different types of seating, such as couches, chairs, or stools, to accommodate different preferences.

Entertainment: While they wait, you could provide entertainment options such as a TV, a magazine rack or some music. In today’s world where smartphones keep us all busy, featuring your salon’s services and the latest deals on the TV is a smart move. By displaying this information, you can grab your customers’ attention and encourage them to ask questions and engage with your business further. In the end, the goal is to help the wait time feel shorter and more enjoyable, so go beyond these tips and get creative!


Play with lighting

Lighting is an essential element of any beauty salon that contributes significantly to the overall ambiance, safety, and functionality of the space. Proper lighting enhances the salon’s aesthetic appeal & comfort and also helps create a relaxing environment for customers during their appointments, which is crucial for the salon’s success. Here are our suggestions on lighting design for beauty salon interiors:

Overhead lighting: This is the primary source of lighting in most salons. It should provide enough brightness for stylists to see what they are doing while being soft enough not to cause eye strain for customers. We would highly recommend dimmer switches to control brightness levels and create a more relaxed ambiance.

Pro tip: Use warmer lights to help enhance the features of your customers, the more confident they feel, the happier they will be with their service!

Task lighting: This type of lighting is ideal for specific areas of the salon, such as the makeup station or hair washing area. Task lighting helps stylists to see what they are doing and allows customers to see the results more clearly. It can also enhance the overall ambiance of the salon.

Accent lighting: This type of lighting is used to highlight specific features of the salon, such as artwork, retail displays, or certain areas. It adds depth and dimension to the space and creates a focal point for customers.

Natural lighting: If you can, take advantage of natural lighting by positioning windows strategically, allowing it to enhance your salon’s aesthetics and create a relaxing & calming atmosphere.


Make proper spacing arrangements

Space planning for beauty salon interiors requires a lot of considerations, which can be overwhelming. Keep it simple, start by assessing the amount of space you have available and create a floor plan that takes into account the different areas of your salon, then use the factors below to support your decisions.

Position: Make a list of all the furniture and equipment that you’ll need, from salon chairs and treatment beds to hair dryers and sterilization machines. At Pinnacle Interiors, we support our clients with furniture selection for beauty salons in the UAE among all these other services we’ve mentioned. Once you’ve identified the needs, determine how much space each item requires and where it would be best positioned within the salon.

Comfort: Make sure your customers have enough room to move around and your employees have enough space to freely provide their services. It is also important that there is enough distance accounted for personal space between chairs and other equipment.

Storage: For supplies, products, and equipment that are not frequently used, consider the right use of storage within the space. You may also want to designate a separate room for storage, to keep clutter out of sight.

Accessibility: Don’t forget to consider accessibility requirements for your customers, such as wheelchair access, and ensure that there’s enough room to accommodate those needs.

Regulations: Finally, make sure that you’re adhering to local building codes and regulations when it comes to occupancy limits, fire safety, and other relevant considerations.


Make cosmetic enhancements to the outside of your salon

Let your salon’s beauty shine outside in. Think about features that can attract potential customers to you.

Color and style: The colors you choose should reflect the overall theme or style of your salon. Make sure that the colors are visually appealing and inviting. The exterior style of your building should also be cohesive with your interior design.

Awnings and window treatments: Adding awnings and window treatments can not only add visual interest to the exterior of your salon, but it can also provide practical benefits such as shade and privacy.

Signage: Your salon’s signage is an extremely crucial element in bringing in more customers as well as recognition from passers-by. It should be clear, easy to read, and prominently displayed, making sure that it’s visible from the road and easy to spot. Use colors and fonts that are consistent with your overall branding.

Lighting: Outdoor lighting is important for both safety and aesthetics. Make sure that your salon is well-lit, especially in areas where people are walking or driving. Consider adding decorative lighting fixtures that complement the theme and turn more heads towards the salon.

Landscaping: If possible, add landscaping elements such as plants, flowers, or shrubs which can enhance the visual appeal of your salon’s exterior. Make sure that they are well-maintained and not blocking any walkways or entrances. Beauty salon interior design in the UAE usually pairs well with the exterior design to provide complementing and consistent looks.



Beauty salons are more than just a place for beauty services – they help enhance confidence and self-esteem, build trusting relationships between customers and employees, follow trends, allow people to unwind and relax, support a social environment, and reflect the values your brand stands for.

There are quite a few things to get done when it comes to designing your salon, so our last tip is to let us, the experts, handle it all for you. After all, Pinnacle Interiors does more than provide beauty salon decor ideas in the UAE. We offer a whole range of interior design services to bring your visualizations to life and create harmony between the space and your customers, exactly as you hoped.


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