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  • February 29, 2024

Pinnacle Interiors’ Blueprint for the Future of Sustainable Workspace Design and Build Solutions.

Pinnacle Interiors’ Blueprint for the Future of Sustainable Workspace Design and Build Solutions.

BY . /     Friday, 19 January 2024   /     PUBLISHED IN BLOG

Pinnacle Interiors has reached new heights of design innovation within the vibrant Dubai Design District. Following months of meticulous strategic planning, the unveiling of their latest accomplishment—the d3 Design Office—marks a significant milestone in their pursuit of redefining contemporary interior design and construction. This achievement stands as a testament to the team’s unwavering passion and dedication, evident in their continuous success across diverse projects. The company’s decision to craft an exceptional commercial space demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of the ever-evolving design landscape while prioritizing innovation and sustainability.


Embracing a bold step towards sustainable practices, the d3 Dubai Design District office is currently undergoing LEED certification, showcasing Pinnacle Interiors’ pledge to sustainable design in 2024. Integrated recycling initiatives and biophilic elements seamlessly amalgamate indoor spaces with nature, fostering an environment centered on health and wellness.




Located within the heart of Dubai Design District (d3), a hub where design, art, and fashion converge, Pinnacle Design initially started as a boutique studio, swiftly earning a reputable standing within the community. Building upon this success, the entire design team from the headquarters office relocated and expanded operations. The 150 square meter space prioritizes staff comfort and well-being, optimizing natural light, and scenic community views, with the added advantage of accommodating various work arrangements—from open-plan workstations to quiet work zones, a collaboration area, hot desking, and formal private meeting spaces, all aligned with the core value of “Minimalism.”


Thoughtful material and finishes selection, featuring FSC-certified bespoke joinery, Kvadrat acoustic fabric panels, carpets manufactured by Shaw Contract, durable LVT, and Neolith showcasing the sustainable, durable sintered stone surfaces and flooring integrated into the design concept by Pinnacle Interiors and their commitment to sustainable manufacturers and environmental impact.



From luxury seating from Germany by Brunner and Koenig & Neurath elegant furniture selected in the space to colored poufs complementing the soft neutral sand tones of the region, the design harmoniously integrates black elements and pops of color with padded podium presentation seating, adding warmth and comfort. The sleek, practical flooring and carpets, alongside a dedicated collaboration area, cater to presentations, networking, and corporate events.


The inclusion of a Quooker system, delivering boiling, cold, chilled still, and sparkling water directly from the tap while eliminating plastic bottle usage, amplifies encouraging sustainable practices such as reusing and recycling materials. The design features fresh indoor plants, flourishing on the extensive natural light, providing fresh air circulation, nurturing and enhancing well-being, all these elements align with their commitment to sustainability and emphasis on water reduction and energy efficiency.


Studio Lumen’s role in lighting design further underscores Pinnacle Interiors’ dedication to indoor light quality and energy conservation, enhancing the overall ambiance.


Pinnacle Interiors MEP design starts with the evaluation of sustainable MEP services and energy consumption. An energy monitoring system has been installed for light and power usage. This is evident with the smart control units and sensors providing cutting-edge technology showcased within the d3 office. The focus is to minimize the environmental impact and maximize human comfort, to achieve this balance the HVAC system is designed to automatically adjust to increase energy efficiency and reduce waste. Human activity is monitored and measured through access control units and sensors to adjust to the occupancy and the lighting control to movement. The air conditioning system provides energy monitoring air circulation ensuring minimal heat loss whilst making the most of heating and cooling methods reducing the electricity consumption.



The finished space is designed to provide an environment of tranquility with diverse touches, carefully integrating curated lighting, optimized acoustics, and transformative interiors to stimulate and impact everyday positive emotions inviting stakeholders and design enthusiasts to experience and engage with the space – a testament to the company’s creativity and practicality.


The company’s ability to lead by example and holistic approach to delivering quality and functionality is evident in its meticulous blueprints, lavish color schemes, elegant fabrics, acoustic treatments, and stylish wall coverings. Their bespoke concepts of distinct aesthetic finishes, add their dynamic creativity, sophistication, and innovation to the evolving business trends in the UAE.



As they stride into the future, Pinnacle Interiors remains unwavering in their commitment to excellence, resolute in creating exceptional projects while promoting sustainable design and technology. By balancing creativity and precision, they continue to redefine contemporary interior solutions, attributing their success to the team’s passion and personal touch to all their design and build projects.

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