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  • July 19, 2024

Restaurant Interior Designing in UAE: A Comprehensive Guide

Restaurant Interior Designing in UAE: A Comprehensive Guide

BY . /     Friday, 14 July 2023   /     PUBLISHED IN BLOG

The restaurant industry is highly competitive, especially in the UAE where you get to enjoy your favourite cuisine from any part of the world from global and local restaurant brands. With diners in UAE spoilt for choice, it is quite a task for restaurants to attract customers. This is why the quality of restaurant décor in the UAE is of high significance.


The quality of the interior design of a restaurant can be a differentiating factor, as it can boost the restaurant’s brand identity through creating a memorable and fulfilling dining experience for customers. In this blog, we will explore the interior design trends in the restaurant sector in UAE. We hope that our insights into restaurant interior designing in UAE will help you create an elegantly designed interior for your restaurant, which will be well appreciated by all your existing and future patrons.

The Sustainability Aspect

Before delving into the topic, let’s take note of an emerging trend in interior designing for restaurants: the sustainability dimension of modern restaurant interior design. Along with aesthetics and functionality, sustainability features prominently in today’s interior design, as the food industry is increasingly aware of its environmental impact. Restaurants are embracing sustainable designs for their interiors by opting for eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient lighting and appliances, and efficient waste reduction processes, with the objective of reducing their carbon footprint. By incorporating sustainability into interior design, the brand value and appeal of restaurants go up among eco-consciousness customers.

Make Dining a Cherished Experience

Dining is, after all, an experience that extends beyond food. It is this realisation that led to the concept of experiential design, which is gaining popularity in UAE as a promising restaurant interior design. This design approach uses multiple elements such as art, texture, audio, video, and aroma to create a rich and welcoming ambiance. An experientially designed restaurant provides guests with a memorable dining experience.

Give it a natural twist with Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is all about creating an outdoor style inside the restaurant by bringing in natural vegetation and floral elements in the design. In this design, tables, bar fronts, and seating are rendered in natural tones. The emerging trend is to give a terrazzo treatment for walls and floors so as to create a “stone and wood” accent to the interior.

Maximise the Outdoor Attraction

Patio design is a crucial element in restaurant interior designing. The outdoor area can be transformed into a space that functions as a comfortable waiting area as well as a relaxed dining area. You can enhance the patio experience by adopting an inviting biophilic design featuring fresh plants and flowers. Fiberglass planters are widely used in the outdoor area as they are lightweight, weather-resistant, and durable. A relaxed seating arrangement along with a smartly designed lighting system can significantly enhance the appeal of the patio and can make it a great space for casual dining, late-night dinners, and parties.

Define Own Spaces with Dining Pods

Post-Covid, there is an aversion to indoor gatherings. Dining pods are the trend today, where small groups can relish food in some privacy and safety. Dining pods can be designed attractively using plexiglass, plastic, and wood elements with a biophilic accent.

Warm Palettes for warm vibes

You can enhance the interior vibes with warmer colours. They add to the positive energy and fun of the restaurant interior. Warm palettes with lighter hues can up the comfort level and create a sense of appreciable cleanliness. Rich, warm tones like deep red, golden yellow, or burnt orange are gaining popularity, and these colours are found to stimulate hunger and an urge to order more food.

Brighten up the style

Mood lighting is a strategy that can help enhance the visual appeal of restaurant spaces. Aesthetically done lighting can greatly transform the spatial appeal and improve the overall dining experience. Giving an element of creativity to dining area lighting and table lighting can make the atmosphere pleasant. The design effect of both natural and designed lighting can be enhanced by using aesthetically matching curtains and window designs.

Contrasts are rewarding

Furniture pieces are a core element of restaurant interior design. Eclecticism is the trend, and contrasting furniture pieces—with tables and chairs in different or contrasting designs—can effortlessly enhance the style and ambiance of restaurant spaces. Fast-food restaurants can try metal chairs and reversible tables, while solid wood tables and cushioned chairs suit better for fine-dining restaurants.

Ceiling Matters!

A well-designed ceiling can add to the overall elegance, mood and appeal of a restaurant. There are multiple ways to design a ceiling to enhance the impact of restaurant interior design. One is to paint the ceiling in a colour that contrasts the wall. You can also use complementing hanging décor elements and attractive light fixtures to elevate the ambiance.

What About a Cultural Elevation?  

Local art, handicrafts and other cultural elements are increasingly finding their way into restaurant designing. Wall spaces are used to promote local culture and works by local artists and artisans. Attractive wall art and décor can give the restaurant a distinct identity.

Try Different Themes!

You can position your restaurant in a distinct fashion by giving a thematic direction to the interior designing effort. You can choose from diverse design themes that range from industrial, modern and mid-century to rustic, vintage and more.

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